Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Cookies and Bars

Keep your baked goods fresh longer by packing them individually in convenient and attractive pastry pouches. These pastry pouches are made using specially laminated films with superior moisture barrier to ensure that baked goods retain their freshness longer.

Aside from keeping cookies and bars fresh longer, these pouches also make your goodies easily and conveniently TRANSPORTABLE. These pouches are also EASY TO WRAP, saving you the effort of manually cutting foil and cellophane to painstakingly wrap each morsel of FOOD FOR THE GODS. They are also more hygienic as there is no way for dust or bugs to crawl in once it is sealed properly. They also get plus points for looking more professional and attractive, thus increasing the perceived VALUE of your product.

These pouches are the perfect packaging for: Food for the Gods, Fruitcake Bars, Carrot Bars, and most Cookies.

To use them, simply follow these steps:

1. After baking, let bars or cookies COOL DOWN COMPLETELY. If making bars, cut to desired portion size.

2. Using CLEAN hands, tongs or plastic gloves, carefully put your cookies or bars into the pouches.

3. Seal pouches using an IMPULSE SEALER (can be purchased at most office supply stores for less than Php 1,000.00)

4. Optional: Affix a sticker / label to correctly identify contents.

5. Box in any of our elegant and attractive gift boxes to complete the look.

6. Tie with a ribbon and affix a card and you're ready for gift giving.

Innovative packaging ideas and solutions presented to you by RM Box Center.

See us for your packaging needs.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hello dear baker friends! 

We are pleased to share with you that we are giving away FREE MATCHING SLIP-ON HANDLES for the following items:

Half Roll - Peony Blossoms

Half Roll - A31

Half Roll - BB5

The MATCHING SLIP-ON HANDLES are automatically included in your order, FREE OF CHARGE. They are designed to help improve the strength, transportability, and overall appearance of the boxes and to eliminate the need for a plastic bag. 


See you in our store!

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Monday, November 3, 2014


So you really enjoy baking and have mastered several recipes. Friends and family members who have sampled your goods keep bugging you to start accepting orders. Why not? You bake a mean pie and everyone loves it. Unsure of how to begin? Below are some tips that might help things along.


Source: http://www.oprah.com/food/Create-Your-Signature-Dessert-Style/2

When you’re a homebaker, without a real store or a marketing budget, you rely on one thing to get the orders coming in – word of mouth. It’s a friend telling a friend what a fantastic baker you are and passes your number along. So here’s how it will typically go, “Hey, guess what, my friend, who makes the best _____________ ever, is accepting orders for Christmas.” What is that one thing you make that everyone can’t stop gushing about? Focus on that as your signature dessert, or in simpler terms, your specialty. 

For more about how to create your 'Signature Dessert' click here.


Sample Holiday Menu

You NEED to have a menu. Christmas rush for homebakers tend to be concentrated on the second and third week of December. When you are operating in a home kitchen, with just another person or two to help you, you cannot make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, ensaymada, polvoron, and macarons all for delivery on the same bloody day. You need to be organized and systematic, to maximize your space and your manpower on these critical days. If you’re new in this game, I suggest having a short list, no more than 5 items.

The first item should be your signature dessert, your specialty. Also include in your menu a ‘WOW’ item – an item that will be an impressive gift to Ninongs & Ninangs, or a fantastic contribution to a Christmas dinner among friends or family. Examples of ‘WOW’ items – Food for the Gods, a multi-layered sinful chocolate cake, a salted caramel ______, anything with real chocolate, walnuts, or cream cheese. Since this is 2014, target price point for ‘WOW’ item is P 500.00 or more. If your 'WOW' item is also your signature dessert, bonus points for you.

Next should be a more modest gift suggestion, maybe for neighbors or old friends. It can be a smaller version of the ‘WOW’ item, priced at around P300.00. Or it can be a dozen cupcakes, a loaf, a yema cake, or half a tray of brownies.

Also include an item which would be good ‘TOKEN GIFTS’ to be given to teachers, classmates, co-workers. No more than P100.00, this can be decorated sugar cookies, cake pops, a cupcake or two, a 3-inch cake, a giant cookie, or a small box of mini cookies.


Make a sample of each of your items and package it AS YOU WOULD SELL IT in Christmas. Take photos, do your costing, and start advertising as early as possible. Post it in FB, IG, or email your friends. If you decide to join bazaars, make sure you have flyers or business cards for your potential customers.

Try to get confirmed bookings as early as possible. To this end, maybe you can offer early bird discounts to those who will order by a certain cut-off. This will enable you to plan your days ahead and get as much work done as early as possible. Some work that you can do ahead of time: making sugar decors, pre-folding boxes, preparing your ribbons.

Wrapping a Christmas belt around a plain box in lieu of ribbons saves time.
This also makes it easier to stack and deliver multiple boxes at a time.

Some bakers have a “no downpayment, no baking” policy and this makes a lot of business sense. Your rules maybe more relaxed if your clients are mostly friends and relatives.


Once you have confirmed orders, go shopping! If you anticipate more orders, buy extra. Nuts can be stored in the freezer and packaging materials can be kept for later use. This saves you from making unnecessary multiple trips back to the baking supply store IN THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER when traffic is horrible and you’d rather be at home baking.


Do you know why everyone in your household SWEARS that yours is the best _____ they’ve had EVER? Because chances are, you and your spouse or children ate them FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN. There’s no going around it. Freshly baked goods LOOK AND TASTE better. Baked goods that have been left uneaten too long just make you fat. Frankly, it’s just a waste of your time and ingredients because NOBODY WANTS TO EAT THEM. Do yourself some justice and BAKE IT JUST IN TIME. 

Source: http://www.liveluvcreate.com/image/life_is_better_with_fresh_baked_cookies-233881.html


Once you have created a line-up that you’re proud to call your own, put your name on it. Have stickers printed or make your own. If you’re not ready to give your enterprise a name, just say, “From the Kitchen of _________________ “ or “Freshly Baked by________________” and put your contact info.


Remember, your capacity is limited. The same is true for every bakery in the planet. They just have more (capacity) than you. Determine how many trays of brownies can go in and out of your oven on a given day and work from there. If you’ve committed to an overwhelming amount of orders on a given day, STOP ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR THAT DAY. Politely state your predicament and offer to bake it on another day. This is BETTER than failing to deliver, getting sick or giving your customer OLD baked goods. Your customer will respect your dedication to maintaining freshness and quality and hopefully, tell their friends about it.


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Novel Christmas Box Shapes for 2013

For this year's holiday collection, we've added some nice multi-dimensional Christmas boxes to hold your delectable treats. While regular boxes are functional, elegant and serve their own purpose, multi-dimensional boxes are eye-catching, dynamic, memorable and fun. They literally stand out and are easily noticeable in any store, bazaar table, or noche buena spread, and need little additional trimming except a gift card.

We have our 3D Treat Boxes which are cone shaped boxes with a hexagon base. It comes in 3 varieties - Santa Claus, Merry Christmas, and Christmas Balls.

 It is ideal for small candies, chocolates, yema, polvoron, pastillas and other yummy treats. Perfect for token gifts for classmates, officemates, etc.

Our Poinsettia Box gets a modern update with our new "Merry Christmas" design.

Perfect for cookies, individually-wrapped bars, polvoron, or even a mug with some gourmet coffee or tablea.

The new 3D Gift Box is a gorgeous 2-piece ensemble with a sleek inner box, and a decorative outer box designed to look like a ribbon with a poinsettia top. This box is a complete package in itself and needs little more than a card attached with a gold cord through a hole provided on top. Made using the best Foldcote material and printed in luxurious gold and red, this box is designed to impress. Put your best goodies - Belgian Chocolate Truffles, Food for the Gods, gourmet cookies, etc.

Christmas will not be complete without a beautiful tree. We reprise one of our bestsellers from previous years - the Christmas Tree box.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas boxes designed and manufactured by RM BOX CENTER.
Proudly Philippine made.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Party Cupcake Stands

Add a pop of color to your themed dessert buffets with our new 3-Tier Party Cupcake Stand.

Our 3-Tier Party Cupcake Stand comes in three varieties:

Katie Pink 
Perfect for ultra-girly parties such as bridal showers, baby girl showers, little girl's birthday parties.

Katie Blue
Ideal for little boy parties, baby boy showers. Also great for under-the-sea inspired parties such as the one featured here.

Katie Green
Great for parties with outdoorsy themes such as Safari, Farm, Camping, Hiking, Soccer, Baseball, etc.

Three possible combinations in one set
Each Party Cupcake Stand comes with beautifully coordinated double-sided reversible tiers. One side is a beautiful solid color, and the other a dainty cloisonne print in a lighter shade. You may opt to use the solid color or the lighter printed side or mix them up for a more casual look.

Creating a themed dessert buffet has never been more fun and exciting. At just Php 198.00 per set, it has also never been more affordable.

The 3-Tier Party Cupcake Stand is another quality product brought to you by RM Boxes under the RM Party Essentials Line. Proudly Philippine made.

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