Thursday, August 25, 2011

Premium Cupcake Boxes

New premium cupcake boxes for 6 cupcakes and 12 mini cupcakes now available.

These boxes are available in three different designs - Polka Party, Natural Kraft and Pastries & Coffee.

The Polka Party series, with its bright colors and fun design, is perfect for a hip & trendy look.

The Natural Kraft series, using unbleached and uncoated virgin paperboard with an attractive natural brown appearance, would be the environmentally sound and prudent business choice and is perfect for personalization.

Similarly, the Pastries & Coffee series, with earth tones print and using the same material as the Natural Kraft series, exudes a cosmopolitan yet homey feel while being earth-friendly just the same.

The well-loved Cupcake Display Box also has 4 new colors - Metro Green, Royal Purple, Pomelo Pink & Dark Chocolate.

With the addition of these new colors, the cupcake display box now has 15 different color varieties.

RM Boxes
3132 First Street
Sta. Mesa, Manila