Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Christmas Packaging Ideas: Cookies and Bars

Keep your baked goods fresh longer by packing them individually in convenient and attractive pastry pouches. These pastry pouches are made using specially laminated films with superior moisture barrier to ensure that baked goods retain their freshness longer.

Aside from keeping cookies and bars fresh longer, these pouches also make your goodies easily and conveniently TRANSPORTABLE. These pouches are also EASY TO WRAP, saving you the effort of manually cutting foil and cellophane to painstakingly wrap each morsel of FOOD FOR THE GODS. They are also more hygienic as there is no way for dust or bugs to crawl in once it is sealed properly. They also get plus points for looking more professional and attractive, thus increasing the perceived VALUE of your product.

These pouches are the perfect packaging for: Food for the Gods, Fruitcake Bars, Carrot Bars, and most Cookies.

To use them, simply follow these steps:

1. After baking, let bars or cookies COOL DOWN COMPLETELY. If making bars, cut to desired portion size.

2. Using CLEAN hands, tongs or plastic gloves, carefully put your cookies or bars into the pouches.

3. Seal pouches using an IMPULSE SEALER (can be purchased at most office supply stores for less than Php 1,000.00)

4. Optional: Affix a sticker / label to correctly identify contents.

5. Box in any of our elegant and attractive gift boxes to complete the look.

6. Tie with a ribbon and affix a card and you're ready for gift giving.

Innovative packaging ideas and solutions presented to you by RM Box Center.

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